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Venetian Tattooer based in London
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About me

Claudia Fragiacomo
Venice - Italy

A brief introduction:

I was born in Venice, one of the most unique and marvellously artistic places in the world where you can breath art all throughout the city.
I have had a strong passion for art in all its forms since childhood. I completed my studies in Venice, aware of how invaluable the experience was and how it profoundly influenced my artistic personality.

My experience:

In October 2019, I decided to move to London to further my opportunities for professional growth. I focus my efforts on the creation of unique works as I believe that a tattoo must express one’s personality. I also believe that it should meet the unusual yet wonderful needs of each client. Therefore, it became my habit to define the needs and requests of each customer through understanding their mind before proposing to them a book of drawings and custom designs.

My experience has found me often modifying pre-existing tattoos made by other artists which no longer resemble the ever-evolving taste of the customers.

My works